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Our Thrive Recovery Community

Upon completion of treatment, one of the most important things you can do to be successful in long-term recovery is to stay connected with one another by becoming an active member in our Thrive Recovery Community.

At EHN Canada, we believe that every individual who completes one of our programs deserves the right to thrive, to be happy, and healthy.  So whether you are an alumni from one of our residential facilities, attended one of our family programs or completed an outpatient program, we want to develop a relationship with you FOR LIFE so no one ever feels alone.  We are committed to your sobriety, not only during your treatment but once you have returned home.

We want you to build upon the connections you made  in treatment and to give everyone an opportunity to become part of our alumni community  across the country.  Recovery from addiction gives us all a chance to Thrive and live our life to it’s fullest potential.

What Is An Alumni Program?

Our alumni program is part of an array of continuing care services that are all designed to help you stay safe, sober and connected as you live a life in Recovery. As part of the EHN Canada family, you will receive ongoing support and access to a variety of resources including aftercare groups, continued check ins, invitations to community events, both in person and online, and peer support from other like-minded individuals who share similar goals, experiences and hope.
We Help You to Stay Connected

We Help You to Stay Connected

Receive Ongoing Support

Receive Ongoing Support

Access to a Variety of Resources

Access to a Variety of Resources

Invitations to Community Events

Invitations to Community Events

What We Are Doing?

The greatest benefit of becoming involved in an alumni community is connection.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety.  It is human connection.” – Johann Hari

Some benefits of our alumni program may vary from location to location, and individuals can participate in as many aspects of this community as they choose.

Weekly aftercare groups (for 1 year)
Cake Night
Monthly Recovery Celebrations such as Cake Night and Alumni Nights
Monthly activities
Monthly community activities organised by our Alumni Social Committee
Virtual events
EHN-wide virtual events
Online platform
National meetings through our online WAGON platform
Educational workshops
Fundraising events
Regular email communications
Social media
Access to exclusive social media alumni groups
Sometimes it can be challenging, tiresome and frustrating

Recovery from addiction is not always easy

You’ve just completed one of the biggest challenges of your life and are about to embark on a brand-new journey of recovery.

We understand that recovery from addiction in not always easy.  That is why we are here for you post treatment to help you feel supported if you are going through a rough patch.  Staying connected with people in recovery gives you the fellowship and support needed to help you stay strong.  We are here for you and will help connect you with fellow alumni and provide you with several different alumni program options such as aftercare, outpatient counselling and refresher programs.

Our Alumni Program

Thrive is made up of like-minded, caring people like you.  Your relationship with us doesn’t end when you complete treatment at any of our facilities when you become part of our Thriving Alumni Community.  You will be invited to ongoing celebrations and events, both online and in person that will help you stay connected and supported so you can successfully Thrive in your new life in Recovery.
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Some benefits of our alumni program may vary from location to location, and individuals can participate in as many aspects of this community as they choose.

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Together We Can Make A Difference

“It’s a magical thing when you get alumni together and they get a little sparkle in their eye when they talk about their shared experiences and what the facility, peers and staff meant to them”, says Bonnie Bartlett, National Director of Alumni Services.  “The gift of recovery truly is a beautiful thing.”

If you would like to help someone receive the gift of recovery and give back to others you can donate to the New Start Foundation where you can be part of changing someone’s life!

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