Challenge Accepted

You’ve Just Completed One Of The Biggest Challenges Of Your Life

Congratulations!  You’ve just completed one of the biggest challenges of your life and are about to embark on a brand-new journey of recovery.  We understand that recovery from addiction is not always easy.  Sometimes it can be challenging, tiresome and frustrating.  We get it.  But if we do this together, dealing with life on life’s terms can get a little easier.  The skills that you’ve learned in your treatment program provide you with the opportunity to flourish. That’s why we invite you to be part of the Thrive Recovery Community and take the Thrive Challenge!

At EHN Canada we know that the being in recovery isn’t always easy and that’s why we want to celebrate overcoming some of life’s challenges with you.

Whether it may be simply getting out of bed on a tough day, eating three healthy meals, reconnecting with a loved one, securing a better future for yourself and your family, or even completing your master’s degree, they are all huge accomplishments!  There are many things we can add to our “bucket list” and recovery gives us that gift!

So now is the time to celebrate recovery, recognize your progress and be proud of who you are!  We hope you will join us in accepting this challenge:  Thrive to create your own version of the best you and accept the challenge!


We have dedicated this online space to you and your successes. So go ahead and earn some “bragging rights” and tell us all about the gifts you have received because of your recovery.

Email us here and we’ll send you an authentic EHN Canada Thrive Recovery T-Shirt.

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