EHN Canada believes in treating the entire family system and involving loved ones in the treatment process.  We offer programs for both adults and children who love someone with a substance use or mental health disorder:

Family Education Workshop
The goal of this workshop is to educate family members on substance use disorder and the impact on the family.
Family Support Program
This program is a more intimate experience designed to support participants in their personal journey of healing, awareness and growth.
Children’s Bounce Back Program
An age appropriate educational and fun program designed to help children understand what addiction is and to learn that none of it is their fault.
Family Conferences
This session helps family members realize the profound impact substance use and/or mental health disorders can have and is designed to begin a healthy, more effective way of communication.

Alumni may be eligible for discounted rates so please inquire here to learn more.

These programs are designed to help all family members realize the profound impact substance use disorders can have on every member of the family and begins a healthy more effective way of communication.  Topics covered include:

  • What Is Substance Use Disorder?
  • Boundaries
  • Codependency
  • Relapse Behaviour/Prevention
  • Self-care