Give Back

New Start Foundation – Caring For Life

Giving back is an essential part of recovery as it spreads hope to others that recovery from substance use and mental health disorders is possible.  EHN Canada has developed a national registered charity, the New Start Foundation whose primary mission is to ensure that every Canadian youth in need between the ages of 13 and 21 has timely access to affordable mental health and addiction programs with world-class outcomes.

You will have the option to allocate funds to the following programs as determined by you:

  • New Start Youth Program
  • Sponsorship for Bellwood Treatment Program
  • Sponsorship for Edgewood Treatment Program
  • Unrestricted – Funds will go where they are most needed



Email us to inquire about volunteer opportunities.


There are several different volunteer opportunities available through EHN for our alumni including:

  • Become an alumni ambassador
  • Become involved in an alumni social committee
  • Volunteer in our coffee shop
  • Share your story
  • Be a safe driver

Email us to inquire about volunteer opportunities.